A Tribute to the Rural American Mailbox Stand

I drove by the mailboxes in my neighborhood and took little notice for years. Then one day I noticed a mailbox. Actually the stand it was on, the one pictured at the top of this blog, and said Wow!

Mailbox Mojo is a collection of the many practical, wacky, wild, fun, sometimes pathetic, artful and artless wonderfully inventive mailboxes that I found in my neighborhood alone.

Americans are a creative bunch. The regulations are simple and concise. The United States Postal Service requires that post mount mailboxes be mounted in a manner so that the carrier can deliver the mail from his vehicle safely, from the right side of the road. The mailbox should be mounted 6″ – 8″ back from the face of the curb to the front of the mailbox door. The bottom floor of the mailbox should be mounted 41″ – 45″ from the bottom of the mailbox to the inside floor. That’s it, but the possibilities are indeed endless!

Lets celebrate all the wonderful mailboxes around our great nation.


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