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“Grinding away at the bills”



There will be no barkin up this tree either.



Moo Mail, Moo Mail Pleeeease!

Birds can’t open doors!!

What the hell kind of lash up is this?

Just can’t get enough of those Stars & Stripes.

After 300,000 miles this is no place for
a self-respecting crankshaft to end up!!

The bills in the mailbox make me cranky!

Dear Santa, chimney burned down…front door is open.

Where’s the fire?

Check it out, I’m Irish.

This bus takes mail of all colors.
I’m EEOC accredited.

Multitasking…it’s the name of the game these days.

Oh so Gingerbread!

but where’s the snow?


Warren Buffet and I…we’ve both got rail!


Everyday is Football Season around here.

Lot2-6-Chained to Tree-72dpi

Just using what comes naturally.
It’s the green thing to do.


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night
nor fog can keep mail away from this place.


In spite of what they say about us, we rock!

L1-19Train Box_sml72

You guessed it—a train buff lives here.